Introduction to Belly Dance :: 7 - 8PM Wednesday

It is an invitation to turn within and witness our movement dissolving into dance. Our only task is to be here and now together as we move through space.


The human body is a beautiful instrument that resonates well when used with clear and pure intentions. There is no good or bad way to dance yet there are movements that create vibrations that resonate well with our emotions and help connect to ourselves, others, and thus to Mother Earth.

TranZENdance is a moving meditation fused with ethnic dances, tribal bellydance and Sufi whirling techniques.This series guarantees a full body and soul dance experience from head to toe, from heart to heavens. No Dance Experience Needed! Everyone with a body is welcome.


I am devoted to the Art of Awareness: a blend of transformative dance, movement meditation and the healing forces of Nature. For the last decade I left my busy life style and engineering career behind and transitioned to a more authentic way of being, better aligned with my journey in the search for a trance dance that truly embodies the marriage between body and soul.

Born into an artistic family and being mesmerised by the tribal rhythms around me, I have been dancing from the day I could walk. After 16 years of extensive classical and ethnic dance training, I decided to dive into applied anatomy and physiology of yoga and dance, movement meditations and Laban technique bringing the virtue of awareness into my daily practice and everyday life.

My vision is to preserve the remaining fractures of quickly disappearing ethnic dance forms so we can listen to what our ancestors have to say, so we can be ONE with Nature once again. TranZENdance was not created by me but through me. TranZENdance is a moving meditation fused with ethnic dances, tribal bellydance and Sufi whirling techniques that help us perceive life as it is without distortion. This way we can connect to the infinite source of energy pulsing within all of us, transcend and to be reborn as one tribe.

I am fortunate to be able to travel the world and meet beautiful people who let me join their journey of awakening the inner dancer within. It is only natural that I want to give back to the world by sharing my tools that allow one's body to resonate on a deeper physical, emotional and spiritual level.

Video Teacher Preview (youtube)


Casual Class - $20

5 Class Multipass (save $20) - $80

1st Release Monthly Membership (unlimited classes & more) - $65 per month



We will provide practice equipment, but we do recommend purchasing your own set so you can play at home. 



Register at The Sideshow 6:45pm for a 7:00pm start. 

Payment can be made at the front counter.

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