Hoop it Out :: 6 - 7PM Monday

Kiera has traveled the world performing and teaching. Get ready to spin, turn and twist with her amazing workshops. No previous experience is necessary, these workshops over the basics and will be sure to get you spinning in the right direction.   

Come on... you’ve always wanted to know how they keep it up, right? Well after one class with Kiera, you will know how! The art of hula hooping has grown a lot since its invention in the 1950’s. Many utilize the hoop for dance, exercise, relieving stress or creating visual effects with LED and fire hula hoops. This workshop is for beginners just starting out and intermediate hoopers desiring to expand their trick knowledge or challenge themselves with some of Kiera’s trick combo drills.

Over the 5 week course you will be introduced to the fundamentals of hula hooping. Each week is a different focus and by the end of the 5 weeks a complete beginner will be able to perform a hoop dance routine. We will focus on including full body movement when hoop dancing, how to transition smoothly and gracefully through technical tricks and release our own individual flow! After the 5 week Intro to Hooping Course you will be able to weave, duck, fold, spin, isolate and dance in a hula hoop and know a double hoop trick! What fun! Kiera has taught over thousands of people to spin a hula hoop around their waist so if you’ve been thinking of trying it for a while, now is your chance!


Casual Class - $20

5 Class Multipass (save $20) - $80

1st Release Monthly Membership (unlimited classes & more) - $65 per month

EQUIPMENT: We will provide practice equipment, but we do recommend purchasing your own set so you can play at home.

For more information call; Smilie 0412 372 968 / Jaron 0414 593 82

Register at The Sideshow 6:45pm for a 7:00pm start. Bookings can be through the Mind Body App (search The Sideshow).