Poi Masterclass - Sat 2nd Dec

The Sideshow is stoked to present the first Poi Masterclass weekend! Andy 'AndiSpins' Wilson and Tim 'Timmehtek' Goddard will be taking you on a magical poi journey covering a range of essential moves to level up your skillset.

11am-12.30pm AndiSpins

Control Point Fundamentals / 2poi1hand manipulations

For those who would like to add depth to their poi spinning and learn how to control 2poi in 1hand.

The workshop will begin with fundamentals on control points. We will learn what a control point is, how we can use it in different ways to manipulate the poi from our body and how crucial they are to developing consistent spinning via the grips available to us.

After the fundamental lesson we’ll move onto 2poi1hand manipulations making use of our new information on control points. The workshop is challenging, but is okay for all levels of poi spinners to attend.


1 - 2.30pm - Tim Goddard

Chuckin' Poi

An introduction and small exploration of the world of poi tosses and throws, Focusing on 0-1 beat throws, and some unique sequences and combinations thereof.

Foundation for learning juggling ( 0-beat cascade [2 - 3 poi] )

Waist wrapping throws 

Convergent throws 


And more, developing off-body control of poi


Tickets are limited! Be sure to buy your tickets here: