Capoeira Acrobatics Basics - Sat 7th April

Open to everyone and all levels, this session will explore the basics of capoeira acrobatics. Sat 7th April 4PM - 6PM 

We will give tips and step by step progression paths to make your bridge, handstand, queda de rins, macaco, au sem mao etc. better. 

No prior capoeira experience required. The session is designed to help beginner and intermediate levels develop the more acrobatic side of capoeira but is also a great complement to anyone interested in acrobatics in general.

If you want to add something to your capoeira game, this is for you.

It will also be an opportunity to exchange tips and techniques, ask questions and share knowledge on acrobatics.

20AUD flat rate for 2 hours, limited to 20 People, get in early, make sure to RSVP !