Hooping with Abbii

A fun, fast flow prop. Let Abbii unlock your inner hooper. 

Abbii is a hula hoop entertainer and teacher. 

She discovered her passion for hula hooping while travelling as she experienced that when hooping all stress would leave her body and her mind would become still and focused. This process intrigued Abbii and sent her on a journey to discover how movement affects the body and mind which included different types of cultural dance and movement practices.

Abbii particularly enjoys analyzing movement and breaking down hula hoop tricks into fun and easy to follow steps for her students. She now resides in Brisbane where she teaches hula hoop dance to adults, children and offers workshops for events.

Abbii performs with her many hula hoops and dazzling fire hula hoop in and around Brisbane at events and festivals. In recent years, she has moved into business ventures selling her hand-made collapsible hula hoops and fire hula hoops.

Through the art of hula hooping she hopes to encourage positive female body image and create a revolution of self-awareness in an exciting and glittery way full of tricks, transition, flow and technique!