Yoga with Marnie Lane

Let Marnie be your guide, for beginners to advanced.

Marnie had been treated for scoliosis by chiropractors from age 12 and was also seeing a podiatrist for a 1 ½ cm difference in leg length. At age 17, she was instructed by her chiropractor to try Yoga, to aid in pain management for her lower back and pelvis. Two years later, she was informed by the same chiropractor that she no longer needed to be adjusted, as the Yoga was doing the work for him. Several years later, Marnie completed her Yoga Teacher Training. It was at this point that, upon noticing postural misalignments within herself, a personal venture towards balance began. This led Marnie to pursue a deep understanding of alignment, movement, and the affect of pull of the connective tissue within the body and within the asana (posture).

Through this understanding, Marnie has been able to correct physiological misalignments within herself, and eventually creating a shift in her left hip. By releasing the muscles, Marnie was able to release structural hold, allowing the femur to realign within the hip socket – correcting the difference in leg length, the rotation of the pelvis, and correcting the functional scoliosis. These releases continue to move and shift around the body. Many of us believe that our bodies are 'stuck' in patterns either because of a genetic predisposition or because if injuries/incidents. Our bodies are constantly changing, moving, developing. These patterns that we have adopted throughout our lives are simply that - patterns.

Marnie has spent her career teaching Hatha Yoga, Prenatal Yoga, Vinyasa Yoga,one on one Yoga Therapy, Hot Dynamic Vinyasa Yoga, Restorative Yoga, Ashtanga Yoga, and Postnatal Yoga. Marnie has also delivered workshops on 'The Application of Anatomy and Physiology to the Yoga Asana' in both Classical and Advanced postures.