Sideshow offers a unique approach to physical fitness and well being.

Stay fit and healthy with a wide and ever changing variety of workshops.

Our workshops are fun, energetic and beneficial we place strong emphasis on developing hand-eye coordination, balance and lateral thought in participants. Our wide variety of workshops are accessible to all no matter their physical background or experience. 

Our activities have an abundance of long lasting benefits for participants, some of which are summarized below.

•Psychomotor skills: timing, coordination, throwing and catching. Gross and fine motor skills     

•Cognitive skills: understanding patterns, rhythm, conceptualising in 3 dimensions

•Affective skills: goal setting & determination,

•Involves all, regardless of gender, size, age, physical skill, fitness level or experience

•Boosts personal self esteem and self confidence

•Development of balance, rhythm and reflexes;

•Improving concentration

•Development of patience and persistence